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“E good?” – Actor Yul Edochie calls out footballer Ahmed Musa for ‘stealing’ his content



Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, has called out Nigerian professional footballer, Ahmed Musa, for sharing a social media article he originally created without giving him due credit.

It was earlier reported that Ahmed Musa slammed political office holders in Nigeria over the lingering strike by lecturers in the country.

The Super Eagles captain called them out in a post shared on his Instagram page, and asked how they felt after visiting their children abroad, taking pictures in their schools and posting them online while ASUU is still on strike.

“To our political office holders whose children school abroad. How do you feel visiting your children abroad, taking pictures in their schools and posting online while ASUU is on strike? Like seriously, how is it okay to you? You’re running a system that you don’t even believe in.

“Show me one Oyibo leader whose child is schooling in Nigeria. e no dey touch una? And when you return Nigerian youths will still gather and sing praises for una. What a Shame”. The post read.

Edochie, however, claimed on Twitter that the message credited to Ahmed Musa was entirely his idea, which he penned on his social media pages before Musa. He then berated the footballer for sharing his content without crediting him as the author

“Na me think am, write am post for my pages this morning. My brother Ahmed Musa munch am post for him own page without giving me credit for it. e good? We all want a working Nigeria. Nothing wrong with copy and paste, but you should give credit to the writer.” He wrote.

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