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Here’s Why Selena Gomez Skipped the 2022 VMAs



If you entered the 2022 VMAs red carpet livestream hoping for a Selena Gomez appearance, sorry to disappoint, but it didn’t happen. Basically, the VMAs were like, “When you’re ready, come and get it,” and Selena was all, “No, thx.”

To be fair, this isn’t a nomination year for Sel and she isn’t performing (she’s been busy starring in everyone’s favorite show Only Murders in the Building), so her decision to skip the Video Music Awards isn’t all that shocking. But fans were hoping she’d show up anyway, especially since she just teamed up with Rema for a remix of “Calm Down.”

Anyway, if you’re feeling slightly bummed about not seeing Selena on the carpet, there is some good news: She has an even more major awards show coming up (no offense, VMAs) in just a few weeks: the 2022 Emmy Awards, where Only Murders in the Building is nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series. And if the the show wins, Selena—who’s part of the producing team—will take home an award. Which means she’ll have both the E and the G in EGOT, so…someone cast Sel in a buzzy Oscar movie and/or Broadway play ASAP, please!

Also speaking of Only Murders in the Building, Selena just shared a bunch of fun behind-the-scenes pics from her time on-set of the show with Steve Martin and Martin Short (both of whom are nominated for Emmys). Enjoy!

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