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How To Start Mobile Phone Business In Nigeria



How To Start Mobile Phone Business In Nigeria

Mobile phone marketing is buying mobile phones from companies, distributors, or authorized dealers for a profit. This business is very lucrative in Nigeria because not everyone buys new phones, especially young Nigerians. The advantage of this business is that most Nigerians do not have a single cell phone. With the advent of new smartphones, Nigerians become the world’s leading consumers every year.

I will explain how to start a business and buy phones for resale and cell phones. Let’s start with the recent launch of the mobile phone business in Nigeria.

How to Start a Mobile Phone Business in Nigeria (iPhone and Android)

Follow these steps to start a mobile phone business in Nigeria:

1. Careful Research:

Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself! You do not need to pay for this. Go to the busiest places and find out what kind of business is there.

Focus on areas that deal with phones and their products since this is your primary business line.

Go from store to store to find out the cost of phones, check out rising phones, note their prices, and write down what you need to provide for your store.

Interview the owners of these stores and estimate the price of phones, rent, utility bills, the number of employees you need, where they buy stocks, and calculate potential employment wherever you choose.

Getting Guided Business: Before starting a business, meet the person who is the type of business you will begin.

Learn things like product management, distribution, advertising, finding marketable phones, and knowing the right price to charge different phone products.

Also, you need to know the features of these phones that you are planning to start selling, how strong each brand is, and be prepared for questions from future customers.

2. Choose the right place for business:

Choosing the right location is one of the most important decisions before starting your mobile phone business in Nigeria.

Find your business near buyers like, where it has a lot of young people. Think about your business owners and know how to differentiate your business.

You can consider living near your store, near schools, colleges, and other private companies.

You can place your shop near a mobile phone shop and in the mall in your town where a lot of walking and walking.

You need to ask yourself this question if you are trading phones, iPhones, tablets, and other devices such as iPad and iPods, can people living in your area buy them?

If so, include rent, security and safety, parking, and easy access to your area and budget.

3. Write a business plan:

One of the most critical steps to starting a business in Nigeria is to write a business plan.

For example, starting a home project, you need to have a building plan. Starting a new company requires planning. If you have a plan, it will run your business efficiently.

4. Sources:

Many people stop doing business because of a lack of capital. You can get any amount you want to show lenders that you can repay if they lend you.

Investment is the lifeblood of any business, and all other things are equal. It is a priority when starting a mobile phone business in Nigeria.

5. Register your business:

One of the essential steps in starting a mobile phone business in Nigeria is registering a business name. Make a name for your business by combining your phone number and name to create a unique name available to the CAC.

6. Tax Registration:

Learn how to pay taxes and get a Tax Insurance Number (TIN) for your business from the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), and be prepared to donate something every year as a valid citizen.

7. Open a commercial bank account:

Go around your area and find banks ready to lend to get started without hesitation and open an account there.

8. Buying phones:

Find out how to find the perfect product you want to sell. You must get your products from the manufacturer or the internet to sell at affordable prices.

Techno and Infinid are Nigerian, and he owns SLOT, a mobile phone chain in Ikeja Lagos, and has spread throughout the country. Note that Techno and Infinid work on Android.

9. Includes wiring accessories:

The next decision is to sell items that go along with the phones. When planning to start a business, you must sell mobile accessories compatible with the type of phone.

10. Organize your business:

When you plan to start a mobile phone business in Nigeria, note that you have no business without a sale and must try to sell your phone. Advertising your business is very important.

Become an Authorized Cell Phone Seller:

Another decision you can make about the mobile advertising business in Nigeria is to be an authorized seller. In Nigeria, major mobile service providers include Glo Mobile, nine mobile, Airtel, and MTN.

Examine their advertising plans, understand how they work, choose one, and apply to become an authorized mobile phone seller.

Security concerns:

Phones are an attractive and powerful weapon for thieves, so protect your business and avoid buying old cell phones. Buy insurance for your products and equipment for your business.

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