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Ugandan police have confirmed the arrest of famous tycoon Emmanuel Lowasa from Masaka on forgery charges. Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy Spokesperson Luke Owoiesier confirmed the news to the media.

Owoyesigyire announced that Lwasa was arrested on Monday after forging signatures on documents related to gold mining.

Lwasa was arrested at his office in Najja Mall, Najjanankumbi, on Monday night and is being held at Jinja Street Police Station.

Lwasa was arrested on suspicion of using the signatures of the Acting Director of Geological Survey and Minerals of the Department of Energy and Soil Development (Ag. D/GSM), Ms Alaba Agnes, and the Chief Chemist of the Geological Survey, Ms Grace Lajwe and Mining (DGSM) for falsifying two fraudulent transactions by a company.

This is not the first time Luwasa has been arrested. In January, he was arrested for fraud and obtaining money under pretences when he sold fake gold worth 200 million shillings to a Chinese.

According to the Nile Post, the Police Mineral Protection Unit (PMPU) is investigating several companies falsifying Alaba Agnes’ signature.

Mr Lwasa was arrested on April 4, 2022, at 4 pm at his office at Najja Mall, Najjanankumbi, for allegedly obtaining the signature of the Director of Geological Survey and Mining Department (Ag.D/GSM) of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals Development companies, Mrs Alaba forged the Geological Survey and the Council of Mining Chief Chemists (DGSM) of Mrs Agnes and Mrs Grace Lajwe in fraudulent transactions with two of his companies; Trans Equator Miners Ltd and Trade Panel International Limited.

According to reports, many other suspects have not yet been arrested in connection with the same incident.

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