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Man Worries Over How Mercy Chinwo’s Hubby & Banky W Greet Like Cultists



A fan of Gospel singer, Mercy Chinwo with Facebook username Assam Unwana has raised concerned about the songstress’s husband, Pastor Blessed Uzochikwa.

Singer Banky W was Pastor Blessed’s best man on their wedding and Assam surprised at how the sacred men greeted each other.

Assam accused the two men for greeting each other like cult guys in public and on Pastor Blessed wedding day.

He suggested that the Mercy Chinwo’s hubby might belong to fratanity groups and questioned his pastoral status.

“Haven’t we seen, heard, or known of many pastors in Nigeria, Akwa Ibom state being devoted members of secret cults who still “Claw/anchor” themselves in events?”

He also noted that being a pastor is not a great deal today:

“Anyone can become a pastor, and some already have, including cultists, assassins, kidnappers, drug lords, criminals, Yahoo boys, politicians, witches, native doctors, and pagans.”

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