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Reality TV star Khloe tells ladies to thank her for not snatching their boyfriend



Reality TV star, Abiri Oluwabusayomi better known as Khloe, has told her fellow women to thank her for not snatching their boyfriends.

The 28-year-old businesswoman in a post shared on Snapchat, stated that men are such an easy catch and their girlfriends are lucky that she is sparing them.

According to her, ladies should thank her whenever they see her because she’s doing them a huge favor.

She wrote, “Y’all boyfriends be easy as hell, I be sparing y’ all. So when you see me , thank me ok”

Her post has sparked mixed reactions from netizens, especially ladies, who knocked her for her statement.

@helenbaylon wrote, “Since this one don do yansh she no allow us hear word again pele nicki minaj ikeja”

@officialbobbyfrederick wrote, “Is there anything important BBN graduates can talk about? If it’s not boyfriend n girlfriend talk, that’s Why tacha Is the most reasonable BBN graduate that I know..very mature girl others are just relationship experts ??

@ybnl_Comedian wrote, “You’re also easy if not you won’t know a man that’s is accessible.”

@chris._oje_ wrote, “My dear they just want to knack and go back to their babe, don’t be feeling too important ?

@fantasma wrote, “Are u sure u ain’t depressed dear. Becos all this wreck of validation. Maybe becos u haven’t been getting the attention you needed. U will be fine”

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