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Sylheti Nishat’s video leaked viral on Twitter and Reddit; what happened?



Under natural conditions, every April and May in Meghalaya, Assam, and the upper Arunachal region, there will be hefty rainstorms, causing the river water level to rise suddenly.

Due to heavy rains in Assam and Meghalaya, especially in Cherrapunji, India, downstream rivers, including Surma and Kushira (considered the lifeline of Bangladesh’s Sylhet region) In the Barak system including, a large number of emissions are occurring.

Rivers flowing through the Kishoreganj and Sunamganj regions, including Jadukata, Patnai, Baulai, etc., are affected by this discharge. We often define events as flash floods in floodplains. This area is known as the Haor – a rear swamp with a series of water pockets called Beels.

During the peak of the monsoon, the Beels converge to form a large body of water: Haor.

During the dry season (December to March), when the propolis dries up, farmers start planting boro rice. But due to rain in late April and early May, the Boro facility was often flooded when the Beels connected.

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