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Zlatan Ibile Advises Men On How To Treat A Woman They Genuinely Like



Street-hop music sensation Zlatan Ibile has counselled his male fans on how to treat any woman they honestly like.

The ‘Ale Yi’ crooner dropped his two cents on what he feels men can do to show their true likeness to women on his official Instagram page.

Zlatan recommended men should constantly send money to the woman they like, provided the likeness is genuine. “If it is genuine that you like her, steadily drop money in her bank app,” the musician wrote.

It won’t be the first time Zlatan would advocate for money in a relationship. He had shared a controversial opinion when he advised ladies to leave any man who didn’t want to spend money on them.

The 27-years-old said in a 2021 post that there were a lot of men who wanted to spend their money on women while telling his female fans online not to continue dating guys who do not have enough cash to splash on them.

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